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Professional Excavators of PEI

Do you have a vision for a land development project? Chris’s Bobcat Services Inc. can help you with excavation services for your commercial and residential site preparation. Clear level land is always essential to start with for any project. Our professional excavators in PEI, ensure that your property is excavated accurately using the required measurements, so that you are starting with a space without any dips or problematic inclines. We have heavy-duty machinery to carry out tough jobs with precision, and give you leveled land ready for construction and landscaping services.

We can also help you with stumping and digging electrical trenches, and we can dig post holes as well. After the excavation is done, we can help you in lot clearing, and dispose the debris away from the site.

Excavation Services

We provide excavation services for the following:

  • Landscape projects

    • Site preparation

    • Demolition services

    • Land clearing

    • Stump removal

    • Sewer Line

    • Debris Haul-Away 

    • Downed-tree removal

  • Septic Systems

We can provide you with excavation services for installation of your septic systems.

Equipment Used for Excavation

We have heavy machinery and equipment so that we can give you effective excavation services. All our machinery is well maintained and properly handled so that there aren’t any unsafe conditions during the excavation procedures.

The equipment we use includes:

Dump trucks

To hire us for our cost-effective and efficient excavation services, call Chris’s Bobcat Services Inc.

Foundation Excavation

With the appropriate measurement and proper equipment, we can dig out the foundation for your construction.

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