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Get Cost-effective Equipment Rental Service with Operator in PEI

Do you require operators for heavy equipment rentals for excavation or landscaping? Chris’s Bobcat Services Inc. is here to help you with professional equipment operators in PEI. We have a fleet of top-of-the-line equipment which is well maintained and safe to use. Our operators are also well trained and have the experience to handle different types of equipment. All of our equipment rentals come with an operator. This ensures your safety and satisfaction.

We provide rentals of the below machines:

Mini excavators
Plate compactors
Dump trucks
Landscape power rakes
Bobcat & Attachments

Advantages of Renting Equipment with an Operator

There are a number of benefits for renting equipment. Some of them are:

Cost-effective option compared to buying new equipment
Ideal for short-term equipment need
Helpful during emergency requirement of equipment
Easy to manage the project with on-demand resources
Overall capability is increased
Can be used when regular machine fails or needs maintenance

Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Be it any job, we are always committed to workplace safety. We try our best to keep our team members and the people involved in the project safe on the job site. Therefore, our team members are trained periodically to prevent any kind of hazards. We stay abreast with the various regulations and industry best practices.

For more information about our equipment rental services with Operator, or to hire us for excavation services, contact Chris’s Bobcat Services Inc.

A Varied Fleet of Equipment

Find various landscaping and excavating equipment to rent.

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